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Problems Pike production process analysis

(1) Pike should not release or after cutting loose, shaking loose the cover when you replace the cover.
(2) Each cover is static, the most important thing is to remove static electricity must cover when performing surface treatment.
(3) will be part of adhesive residue on the cover surface treatment, it will sprinkle lightly dusting or did not handle a good place to be able to average almost similar in other materials. Cause bounce bounce in the package edge or in part in the book case work, Pike often be some edging bounce bounce or part, have the following causes of the poor quality of the adhesive or solvent is added too big time, likely to cause the adhesive concentration is too low, resulting in low viscosity, packaging and decoration, as far as the use of better animal protein glue, adhesive concentration flexibility.
With air conditioning installed in the operating room, the temperature controlled at 18 ~ 24 ℃, like in this environment, then you can achieve maximum operating efficiency of the machine, but also more economical to use glue. Recommendations are generally in this environment to work or job cover edging bit too small. Hemming normal level should be about 15mm other packaging, narrow edging bit too easy to bounce.
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