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How to promote the development of fully automatic machine Pike?

First, the level of automatic Pike
Automatic function for carving hull including engraving, cutting, engraving, embroidery and cutting, and variety, low price, versatile, suitable conditions. For easy operation and automatic Pike has unique advantages, occupy the majority of the domestic market and exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, Eastern Europe, Africa and other places popular.
Currently automatic Pike to further expand the production capacity of Origin technically. In addition to carving flexible rubber, bamboo outside this model also enters the laser cut clothing, leather, embroidery and other work, so that products of these enterprises to upgrade and promote the development of the market, they have been feeding, rewinding, vacuum adsorption material, automatic camera positioning , double cropping techniques to be applied progressively, so that products can intelligently upgrade.
Second, the rapid development of automatic Pike products
In previous years, the domestic sales of automatic Pike majority of imported products, the share of domestic products is very small. As users of the gradual deepening of understanding and exemplary technical features automatic Pike adoption led to domestic enterprises have turned to producing automatic Pike. Several recent high-profile automatic machine Pike company also invested forces, began production of laser cutting machine has Wuhan Chutian laser. Automatic Pike estimated that the domestic market of recent sales of 1 ~ 4KW laser cutting machine can reach 300 to 350, can be accounted for only domestic supplier of more than 200 units, more than 100 other foreign products from Germany, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea Belgium and other countries.
Bystronic is currently assembled in China laser cutting machine, and start selling. The laser cutting machine users, including many applications for electrical manufacturing, elevator industry, transport machinery, oil industry, textile machinery, food machinery, medical equipment, lighting, decoration, packaging and automatic Pike stations and research institutes .
Third, for re-manufacturing automatic Pike coating technology and equipment
Engineering Practice in Manufacturing Engineering is the product life cycle theory as a guide. Demonstration of equipment, design, manufacture, use, maintenance, recovery of the full cost of the life cycle cost referred only paid attention to equipment, "the first half" Traditionally, while automatic Pike often overlooked "later life", that is, use , maintenance and decommissioning phases of cost.
Fourth, automatic Pike will continue to pediment
In recent years, automatic Pike sales, accounting for about 1/3 of the total. In China, by contrast, sales of automatic Pike has accounted for more than 50% of the domestic sales of fully automatic machine Pike, in a wide range occupied the domestic market, and greatly opened up the field of industrial applications. Good as: stainless steel, aluminum, kind of electronic components, ceramics, composites, glass, plastics, paper products, printed circuit boards, and more wood, rubber, leather products, until the food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, as well as crabs. Its automatic Pike unit sales of approximately $ 4,000 to 5,000. It uses laser light by the pump Nd: CO2 lasers YAG lasers, glass or metal chamber, in recent years, automatic Pike marking parts can also be in a fixed position to line items in the flight marking, put together our automatic Pike market has done more and more, more and more wide application surface has now also started to bulk exports.
Automatic equipment sales Pike has been rapid growth, the rise of a number of automatic Pike equipment manufacturing enterprises in this period, the production of thousands of applications to meet the automatic machine Pike. Automatic Pike holding sales growth. Because of the domestic market and various promotional, display, universal and user training also greatly the automatic extension of the large market Pike widening to domestic users using this advanced manufacturing technology of confidence and determination to contribute to the full automatic Pike can be more widely used in the external environment, which is what we often say that the market affects.
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