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MF-SKJ380AS Round Back Book Case In Machine

Main Feature:

Adjustable Speed: Speed range 0-1000 books/hour (17 books/minute). The parameter is measured by the common pause time.

Adjustable pause time: The pause time when the machine goes up to the highest point is controlled by the outside time relay. The user can adjust the time at any time. 
Automatic power off function: The machine will make the mainframe motor stop rotating without operation within 10 minutes. It can improve the operator safety factor and the machine working life uttermost. 
Importing Variable-frequency Drive: We apply the famous Taiwan variable-frequency drive brand.

Convenient for customer to install the electric: Because it is applied by the variable-frequency drive controller, the machine rotation direction is right, no matter what’s the three -phase electric phase sequence. The machine breakdown and the damage by the reverse power phase sequence and the opposite machine rotation can be removed completely.




Power Supply

380V/220V, 50HZ

Mainframe power


Work Speed

0-17PCS/minute (Adjustable Speed)

The Book Block Thickness


Hard Case Chipboard Size(Max)


Hard Case Chipboard Size(Min)


Machine Dimensions(L×W×H)


Machine Weight



For the multifunctional usage, we totally developed three versions of MF-SKJ380AS: hard cover books Case in version, soft cover book case in version, round back book case in version. 

Customed Round Back Case in Version Details:


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