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MP tray forming machine method of operation

First, the multi-purpose tray molding machine operating procedures
1, the boot.
2, the machine and the surrounding debris clean.
3, the melter temperature should reach 170 ℃, and the plastic cylinder filled gum.
4, Box transferred to the specified parameters.
5. Check the box to send the belt slack; check the oil level is normal.
6, check the spray nozzle is off; check the suction cup is intact.
7, open the air valve.
Second, the multi-purpose tray forming machine considerations
Try not to use in the following situations:
1, vibration, rocking occasions.
2, direct sunlight.
3, hot, dusty, humid places.
4, AC power supply of the machine should be well grounded, to ensure safe use.
5. Do not use strong solvents (such as: benzene and nitro oils) washing machine enough.
6, the machine can not be injected into the water and debris, to prevent damage to electrical components and electric shock.
7, disassembly and commissioning of the instrument within the display can only be the responsibility of the national measurement units and approved by the Ministry of the Company, other people are not allowed to overhaul.
8, check the safety door is closed, open the emergency stop button and reset, press the start button.
9, check the molding in the production process whether the quality to meet the requirements, check whether the lack of glue plastic cylinder.
10, shutdown
11, press the stop button.
12, turn off the power, gas source.
Third, the multi-purpose tray forming machine Maintenance
1, do not refuel in moving parts runtime.
2, before working on electrical equipment, ensure power supply is disconnected.
3, the circuit only when no pressure before working on pneumatic components.
4, surrounding equipment sanitation kept clean, free of debris, dirt, materials neatly stacked.
5, the first day of production, with a wet towel and paperboard in contact with the conveyor plate clean.
6, each line of cleansing, it should clean up (including the belt) and clean dust and other debris on the machine to scrub clean up waste, ground and polished.
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