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Talking about the factors that influence molding kit

Not to raise living standards, people not only on the intrinsic quality of goods have become increasingly demanding, while more attention to product packaging, product packaging requires not only to have bright colors, elegant design, but also beautiful molding, correct Quartet . In addition, with the deepening of automation, more and more pharmaceutical manufacturers use automatic packaging line operations, which gives the tray a higher requirement. To meet this requirement, it must be a good grasp of all aspects of carton production in the production process to ensure that does not affect automatic carton packaging, while after molding to Founder, beautiful. Factors affecting the carton forming and use many of the author based on years of experience, combined with the actual situation, summed up the following points:
One reason, the quality of the paper
In terms of forming cartons, paper mainly in the merits of the stiffness of the tray. Good quality paper, good stiffness, high density, fiber length, easy to distort, for the production of the natural shape of the tray will be better. But at this stage, in order to reduce costs and promote environmental awareness of recycling, more and more manufacturers use recycled paper. Due to loose structure recycled paper, short fiber, low tensile strength, this paper except when die prone to "explosive burst color line" and fluff, dust from the outside, the paper easily deformed, lack of stiffness, easy to collapse, after forming openings and cover the mouth it is easy to muster phenomenon.
Second, the paper distortion caused
The paper itself is not flat, curly, after printing, die-cutting, gluing, forming the carton will be affected.
Paper distortion is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1, the web itself curl deformation caused
Sheet-fed lithographic printing paper used are generally formed by slitting the web, the paper web will be cut by the presence of the curl issues paper after cutting in order to achieve smooth, you need a period of time. But in the actual production process, taking into account the cash flow and delivery time and other reasons, many manufacturers usually buy now with the current, so the paper after cutting most did not fully put flat on the printing process. The original paper curl by the impact, in addition to printing, surface treatment, die-cutting processes of production caused difficulties, carton forming also affected to some degree.
2, the paper moisture content changes caused by deformation
The moisture contained in each sheet must be distributed evenly and must be balanced with the ambient temperature and humidity, otherwise, there will be "flounced" and "tight side" phenomenon after a long time. The paper is swelling, lateral expansion of fiber is fiber longitudinal expansion of 10-30 times, so that the absorbent sheet after its transverse elongation larger, resulting in texturized paper, and ultimately affect the aesthetic appearance of the sheet after forming. In fact, many manufacturers can not do a production environment surrounding temperature and humidity of the paper to achieve and maintain a balance, in this case, good for cutting cardboard, preferably packaged with plastic wrap, and timely printing, as far as possible to avoid after absorbing paper deformation, affect the process of production and carton forming.
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